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How To Extract DMG File?

Depending on which operating system you use process of DMG file extraction is different.

Mac OS

To extract DMG file on Mac OS operating system just double click on DMG file in question. This will attach DMG file as a drive and open it in a new Finder window. There you will see all files and folders in a DMG file. To extract just select files you need and then click Edit->Copy Items in Finder menu. After that in another Finder window navigate to the location where you want to put extracted files and select Edit->Past Items in Finder menu.

Windows OS

Typically, DMG files are not supposed to be executed inside Windows OS environment. Still it may be necessary to copy certain files or folders from DMG file to the Windows machine. To do this you can extract DMG file on Mac OS machine as described above and copy extracted files to the Windows machine.

If you don’t have Mac OS machine available, you can download 7-Zip software from

  • Install 7-Zip as prompted by the 7-Zip installed
  • Launch 7-Zip
  • Click File->Open and select DMG file you want to extract
  • You will see files and folders inside DMG file in 7-Zip window
  • Select files you want to extract and click “Extract” in the main 7-Zip menu
  • Select location where you want to extract your files and click “Extract” button
  • Your files will be extracted to the selected location


Extracting DMG files on Linux could be easily done with 7z tool via terminal. To install 7z tool run following commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

To extract the DMG file navigate to the folder where DMG file is located and type following:

7z x file_to_extract.dmg

This will extract file_to_extract.dmg to the current folder.

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